My current Fuji wedding system

Here's a quick overview of my Fuji-based wedding kit.

Yeshica-A added for coolness

Yeshica-A added for coolness

My Kit

Here's a photo of my main kit. I shoot with a pair of Fuji XT2s along with a brilliant set of lenses that work wonderfully for my wedding work.

Fuji XF 23 1.4 (my main getting ready, and group portrait lens)

Fuji XF 35 1.4 (backup to both the 23 and 56)

Fuji XF 56 1.2 (my main portrait, ceremony, and portrait lens)

Fuji XF 27 2.8 (used mostly during cocktail hour for candids)

Fuji XF 10-24 f4 (my dance floor lens)

The XT1 bodies used to be my main kit, but they have gone into the bag as a backup.


I Keep a small shoulder bag on my hip that houses the the lenses, and I use the Spyder Black Widow holster for my XT2 bodies. I basically shoot one camera, one lens, but there are times when I do hang a second body (usually with my 23 on it) off the side of me for fast switching between the 56 and 23.



Pocket Wizards

Here's the question I get asked most often. How do I handle OCF with the Fuji system, since there doesn't seem to be any sort of consensus on what works best. This is the system that works for me (very reliably I might add) 

I use the Pocketwizard Flex TT5 and MiniTT1 system for OCF. This is the Nikon version, and it's a hold over from my previous Nikon wedding kit. I use Nikon Sb-910s, but you could really use any Nikon, Yungnuo or Neewer flash, provided they are set up as Nikon flashes.

First, and this is very important, I do not actually shoot in TTL mode. I shoot my flashes fully manual, and I only use the PWs as a basic trigger. The problem is they don't come out of the box ready to work on your Fuji system.

You have to download the Pocketwizard Utility software, and reprogram your triggers. The setting that I have them in is 'Basic Trigger' mode. Here's a screenshot from the software.

First, make sure your firmware is up to date. This is super important with PWs and they don't function well otherwise. Once you do that click on the 'MISC' tab, and put each of your triggers into 'Basic Trigger' mode. Do this for both Configuration 1 and Configuration 2. 

Once you apply your changes and save, you are all set! The flashes will fire like a dream at 1/180 on your Fuji. I've shot dozens of weddings with these triggers on my Fuji without a problem.